Monday, July 05, 2010

How to expand your Tourism Business in Iran? Part 3/3

Now in the last part of this article, I'd like to get back to our main discussion:
How The Emirates Group as company active in Tourism business in UAE can start or expand its operation in Iran?

Talking about challenges in Tourism industry, we should keep in mind certain realistic truths about tourism such as: it consumes resources, creates waste and requires certain kinds of infrastructure; it creates conditions for possible over-consumption of resources; it is dominated by private investment with priority on maximizing profits; its difficulties to control nature resources; and it may be seen as simply entertainment services consumed by tourists. The challenge of sustainable tourism development, therefore, is to balance the principles with these truths, and this can be done only through integrated, cooperative approaches involving all major players and decision makers in government and related economic activities in the area. Let’s move to 5 named challenges above:

Advantaging out of lack of infrastructure!
Emirates airlines, as a key member to the group, can take some advantages out of the situation in Iran right now. The Iranian airlines have limited number of available flights to international airports. Transit and connecting flights from Iranian major cities to all destinations Emirates Airlines has, can play a major role in fulfilling the airline’s capacity. Bear in mind Iran has a population of 70 Million (12 times more than UAE) which half of this population is living in just 5 major cities and nearby.

Over-consumption of resources
For Emirate Group, using local expert recruitment firms and consulting companies to balance its resources for advertising, human resources etc is a must.
For the country itself, the tourism industry needs certain expert trainings and academic courses in university. this will cause more income for the country since the companies won’t need to import services and human resources.

Private Investments
Governments should indicate clear commitments about private sector involve-ment in tourism infrastructure development, and this should form part of integrated plans or a master plan like what we call “20 year perspective program” in Iran. In order to attract private sector participation, governments should address such issues as creating a conductive business environment, providing investment incentives, developing an adequate legislative framework and strengthening governmental capacity to negotiate.
Banks in Iran and other development financing institutions should extend full assistance to tourism infrastructure development, to give the private sector a confidence in investing.
As an obvious result, the Emirates Group will feel confident to invest in Iran’s tourism market and will be able to benefit out of well regulated routine in Iran, clearly and transparently know:

•    how to import the capital
•    how to extract the profit
•    how to secure the capital itself

Effective environmental management
There is a complex relationship between tourism and the environment, such that tourism has inevitable and important environmental impacts, including: resource use, consumption, waste, pollution and effects from tourism-related transport.
For the Emirates Group this challenge should be handled in SCR (Social Corporate Responsibility) department. So we won’t enter this issue.
For the industry itself, there’s a need for a nation level action, including cultural issues etc.  Government should give more attention to planning, coordination and monitoring of tourism development and environmental management.


Bilateral travel packages
Tourism in Dubai is an important part of the Dubai government's strategy to maintain the flow of foreign cash into the emirate. But what Dubai offers to tourists? Does Dubai satisfy a tourist like when he/she steps in to European cities? Does Dubai contain quarter of what we counted as Iran’s attractions?
Nasirolmolk Mosque, Shiraz, Iran
Dubai's tempt for tourists is mainly based on shopping. There are other things, made artificially (in my point of view, but confirmed by many as I have asked through years and years from different countries) to attract and also make benefit, like Ski resort, desert camps and safari, aqua parks, Yacht marinas etc. Again Comparing to Iran, the smallest Ski resorts in Iran (actually there are more than 10) is 10 times bigger than the artificially made Ski resort in Mall of the Emirates.

An untouched market in neighborhood
Emirates Group is enjoying an untouched and virgin market in the neighborhood in many aspects. Imagine an advert, saying you can “Shop in Dubai, Ski in Dizin and Scuba Diving in Qeshm island!” it would be a collection of attractions unbelievably gathered in one package.
And who is the winner? No doubts, the customer, and then the infrastructure provider, which a major part is on Emirates Group stake.

Cheap currency
No one neglects the impact of weak Iranian currency versus strong Dollar and Euro. Both the country and the Emirates Group can take advantage of this opportunity.

* * * * *

Please let me have your comments and feed back. I'd be glad to be in touch with businesses who seriously are looking forward to start or expand their activities in Iran. through the connection I've got and experience in tourism industry, I got no doubt I can be helpful! feel free to contact me: honarparvar at gmail dot com.


Anonymous said...

The truth is that there is so much about Iran to explore and discover. Setting
aside the issues discussed and images portrayed in the media, Iran remains a country with diverse
nature and a rich history. In this time period, the most significant thing an Iranian citizen can do
is to know the country’s history and display the positive aspects of the culture in his or her
everyday life, while at the same time be in sync with 21st century modernism and the aspirations
of the global community.
Advanced, sophisticated courses and expert training in tourism would obviously enhance
Iran’s tourism industry on the national and international level. In order for such a phenomenon to
take place, widespread awareness should occur from within, namely in schools and in families.
Many bright, intelligent Iranian students are encouraged from a young age to pursue their
academic careers in engineering, medicine, or the hard sciences. It would be a good idea if
careers in the field of communications and liberal arts were presented in an equally positive light.

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