Saturday, January 19, 2008

Gorgan - Golestan Province

Gorgan is the name of a city, as the capital of Golestan province and an ancient region in south east of the Caspian Sea which is also called Khazar Sea. Actually Caspian is the largest lake in the world, so it is commonly called Sea. Gorgan in northern Iran enjoying mild climate has a lot for tourists especially eco-tourism lovers. With the most beautiful waterfalls, great jungle sights and unbelievable green mountains covered with fog more than half of the year. I have been in Gorgan several times for visit, business and tourism. Regardless Gorgan’s great potential for tourism, there are few number of hotels in the city meeting international standards, same problem in other cities of Iran. The most known ones are Nahar Khoran and Azin Hotel, both 4 stars hotels.

More Geographical information:
It is situated along a small tributary of a body of water called the black river (Siah Ab), 37 km far from the Caspian Sea. Gorgan was formerly called Astarabad. The neighbors of the province are Northern Khorasan, Semnan and Mazandaran provinces and also Turkmenistan country. The city is approximately 400 km far from Tehran, with more than 250.000 citizens. The plains of Gorgan (Dasht e Gorgan) are nearly 1700 Square Km and located in the north of the city which creates a spectacular nature. Regarding the climate in Gorgan you have to notice several factors like Alborz mountain, areas height, powerful local winds and at last sea neighbor.

Handicrafts and History:
because of the Turkmen people located in north of the province, Kilims are the most distinguished handicrafts of the region. Also rugs, Jajims and carpets from Turkmen are notable handicrafts. See other Persian Handicrafts also.Having more than 6000 years old civilization, passing historical ups and downs, possessing a creative culture, Gorgan has attained a very high status in Iran's splendid history and civilization and culture.

Nahar khoran road and forests - Ziarat Village a very beautiful village next to gorgan, where the Nahar Khoran road continues - 1000 maze road (Hezar Pich) - Golestan National park - Jahan Nama - Gonbad Kavoos Tower - Agh Ghala Bridge


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